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Business Credit

Business & Personal Credit in Bordentown, NJ

Improving or establishing credit doesn't have to be a challenge. The Rosewood Group helps clients establish business and personal credit in Bordentown, NJ. You will be able to accomplish either of these goals easily. Our professionals have the training to work with any establishment. Contact us today to get started.

Business Lines of Credit

Enhancing Your Credit

If you're not "credit ready," but looking to obtain services to prepare for a better funding situation, we're ready to help you. This credit improvement service involves examining your finances and providing adjustment recommendations to give them a boost. This way you can get the type of lending you need to make your business more effective.

To determine the right lending option for you, we base the choice on the cash flow of your business and your decision making. This puts you into a better, long-term position so that you end up with more funding at a lower cost.

For your benefit, our service is strategic and fast. We focus on a 90-day turnaround, and we prepare you for your next round of funding. These are all value-added services that are inclusive with our Small Business Alternative Funding Programs.

Aged, Credit-Ready Corporations

Buying an aged, credit-ready corporation is the fastest path to achieving significant approvals for unsecured financing. It is also the most effective way of overcoming the two-year minimum time-in-business requirement that lenders impose on a small company before considering commercial loans and business lines of credit.

By working with us, you can acquire an establishment like this and more. Our services provide you with a method to raise funds that are based on establishing business credit. An aged credit corporation will give you the freedom to increase your funding without affecting your primary company.

Moreover, the special nature of this service involves acquiring low-interest loans that have a significant value that gives you additional disposable income that you can use for unexpected business needs. Call today for a consultation with no upfront costs. You only pay for our services when you've acquired funding.

Loan Applications

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